iShears Offers An Unconditional 1 Year Sharpening Guarantee

We offer a year – from the moment you receive our shear – of free sharpening for all our customers

iShears Service Center


21649 Montana Hwy 35, Bigfork, MT 59911

Ph: (406) 982 3555

Western: PO Box 755, Temple City, CA 91780

Do you want to request a sharpening?

All you need to do to the first time is send us an enclosed sales receipt, with a date of purchase, $15 total ($6 registration fee for the warranty and $9 shipping cost) along with the shear. Afterwards, you can send your iShears shears for sharpening any time you want for the rest of the year, and all you will have to pay is the $9 shipping price. Do remember that iShears offers an unconditional lifetime warranty against defects. After a year of owning our shears, you can still get our discounted sharpening service; at just $16 (not including the $9 shipping charges). If you want to sharpen shears of other brands, iShears can also accommodate you. You get any professional shear sharpened at $29 per shear (not including the $9 shipping charges). Shears are sharpened with care and precision and returned to you posthaste.

NOTE: Any iShears shear that is serviced by an unauthorized service center will lose its unconditional lifetime warranty.