iShears has been in the manufacturing and supply of professional shears for well over a decade. We have made a name for ourselves in the business thanks to the supply of superior cobalt hair cutting shears and hair thinning shears. iShears supplies hair cutting shears to professionals internationally and is a certified producer of premium steel shears.

The thing that sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that we are in the shear manufacturing business ourselves. You will not be dealing with the usual middle men who know nothing about the product itself. We know the painstaking hard work that goes into manufacturing professional shears and this is why we only deliver the best hair cutting and point cutting shears to our customers. All our products carry a full warranty and customers can avail this warranty at any time.

The lack of a middle man is also the reason why our customers are able to get exceptional hair cutting shears in affordable prices. Aside from the competitive prices, we also make sure that loyal customers receive appropriate discounts from iShears and so their business can flourish and they can remain a part of the iShears family.

Our cosmetology and dry cutting shears are the perfect tool for hair artists for the expression of their talents. The shears are designed for professionals who have their own unique hair cutting styles. Our team works tirelessly to create ergonomic shears so as to provide comfort to professionals and barbers while they practice their crafts. Our aim is to make sure that the skill of these professionals is not mired by substandard shears.

Using research and expertise, we manufacture and supply professional shears that will complement the talents of hair artists and professional barbers. This harmony between professional and shear will ultimately benefit the customers of our clients, because they will always get beautiful looking hair and keep returning each time they need a cut or a trim.